XTM Connect for Drupal 8

XTM Connect for Drupal 8

Localizing web content into multiple languages can be a laborious process.

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Learn how to:

  • Connect XTM with Drupal
  • Configure your providers
  • Set up a Drupal Translation User Interface
  • Make use of the Drupal TMGMT plug-in
Sending the content from Wordpress to the translators, can involve long email chains with many manual steps. XTM connect for WordPress eliminates the pain points, ensuring seamless workflows.

No tedious file management

When XTM is combined with XTM Connect for Wordpress you are guaranteed automated file collection and delivery. As you request translations directly from within Wordpress, the texts are submitted for translation to XTM without having to handle multiple files. You don’t need to compile information from emails either. XTM Connect for WordPress is designed to detect even the slightest change to the content triggering automatic updates to the translation project source files.

Unparalleled automation

XTM provides you with predefined templates that accelerate the translation process. With their help, setting up projects and assigning linguists to workflows becomes a time-efficient and effortless task. Human intervention is kept to a minimum as projects can start in the CMS, undergo machine translation, and then go through post-editing. Last but not least, automatic schedules minimise administration, saving your time.

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